Mahmut and Meryem with english subtitles

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  • Other Titles: Mahmut ile Meryem
  • Genre: drama, history, romance
  • Produced on: 2013-2013
  • Seasons: [1-4]
  • Last Update: 28.02.2019
  • Status: Finished

Director: Mehmet Ada Oztekin

Actors: Aras Bulut Iynemli, Eva Dedova, Fahreddin Manafov, Melahat Abbasova, Polat Bilgin

In Gence during 1514, Ziyad Khan the sultan of Karabag has been in power for 23 years and now he is concerned about the future of the Sultanate. Ziyad Khan's successor is his son Mahmut who is quite opposite in character. Ziyad is concerned that Mahmut will not be able to run the empire. In spite of Ziyad Khan's barbarian policy, Mahmut is a humanitarian advocating freedom and peace. Kamerbanu, Ziyat Khan's wife is not concerned about the throne at all. Her only concern is her son Mahmut's future. She wants is to see Mahmut get married and become the emperor of the Sultanate. Mahmut is a young man who rejects his father's point of view in life. He even puts aside the power and domination that his father is handing down to him. The throne is not his only concern. Mahmut falls in love with Meryem, the daughter of a Christian monk and it is this love that he cherishes. Mahmut's attitude is worrisome for Ziyad Khan, who wants to see his son as emperor. On the other hand, Meryem's father....


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